Interior Design for a Transition

About Crown & Laurel

Everyone goes through transitions in their homes. From newly married to combining households, right-sizing, babies to teens and working from home are just some examples. I help people adapt their space to fit their new lifestyle.


How I Re-vision

My approach is one of “Re-Vision”. I will edit out furniture that doesn’t work for you anymore while repurposing the best of what you love. My unique design combines your history with your future when it comes to your things.

Who Are You?
What category do you fit in? Downsizing, upsizing, prepping a home for sale, getting married and combining homes, divorcing, having children and need to rethink everything. I am sensitive to life changes because I have done it. Let my experience of living, shopping and traveling all over the world benefit your lifestyle and home so you can reimagine your next season in life.


As well as creating beautiful interiors, I also have a shop-in-shop at Cotswold Marketplace in Charlotte. There you will find furniture, art and home accessories. Come on in and say hi.

200 N Sharon Amity Rd.
Charlotte, NC

My Process

I’m happy to meet and talk about any type of design project. From one room to the whole house, I can create a space that has what you need while repurposing what you love.

Plan 1: Mini Makeover

The Mini Makeover is a four hour refresh project. Redesigning a new feel for your space. Moving furniture, hanging art, editing and working at it until I get it just right. I use what you have to pull a new look together. A one and done day, leaving you with a polished, new beautiful space to enjoy.

Plan 2: Room or Rooms

The perfect solution for someone who wants to focus on just one or two rooms. We will meet in your home to discuss your needs and I’ll come up with ideas for your space. I will Re-Vision your spaces to combine what you love with what you need.

Plan 3: Through the Door and on the Floors

For clients that are ready to tackle a large design project. We’ll work together to come up with the perfect plan to make your dreams come true!

It’s not very often that one change makes such a difference in a space or a life. You have managed to do both! Your suggestions for adding lighting in my kitchen cabinet/sink area have MADE the kitchen. It is so warm and inviting and the lights really set the space as a designated part of the house. I LOVE IT!!!!

As Seen In

Meet Laura

I started my career in NYC working for luxury brands Gucci and Ebel in their timepiece divisions. Over the last 20 years, my family and I have lived in everything from a Philadelphia brownstone dating back to 1763, an early 1800’s Victorian, three houses at the beach, some others in between and my current NC lakefront home built in the 90’s. Each one had its own unique style which inspired me to create a home for the way my growing family lived and entertained. Decorating my own living spaces led to the natural progression to start an interior design business.

Come visit my shop ~ in ~ shop

200 N. Sharon Amity Rd.
Charlotte, NC